Upcoming Dates

June 18, 2019 Coaches Mingle 6 pm at Red Hook Pavilion
June 18, 2019 Officials Clinic Dutchess County 7 pm at Red Hook Pavilion
June 24, 2019 Officials Clinic Ulster County 7pm New Paltz Village Hall  ( date and location tentative )
July 1, 2019 DUSO 2019 Season Start See DUSO.org for all meet dates
July 1, 2019 T-Shirt orders for Champs Due from each team Team checks or cash to Hyde Park
July 3, 2019 Team Rosters Due Email to Frank C
Season Dues are Due Post Mail to Nicole N
Team Proof of Insurance Due Email to Frank C
July 8, 2019 Tent Sizes due from teams Email to Frank C
July 12, 2019 Hyde Park to send Job Sheet to the Teams
July 19, 2019 Teams to return Job Sheet sign-ups Email to Hyde Park
July 23, 2019 Athlete Entries for DUSO Champs Email to Serena W
July 25, 2019 DUSO Champs Walk Through Ulster County Pool ; all team reps
    – Tent Checks are due from teams written out to DUSO; DUSO gives one check to Tent vendor
    – T-shirt pickups
    – Swimmer Entries Check Due Written out to DUSO
    – Certificate of Liability due Use DUSO -AND- the Ulster County Pool
as the Additional Insured
July 27, 2018 DUSO Championship Meet Ulster County Pool ( July 28 is rain date )
October 15, 2019 Fall DUSO meeting ( tentative ) 7 pm <Location needed>