Training Videos

To become an official, please watch the following videos and review the 2019 USA Swimming Rule Book.  The exams are administered by DUSO and can be done at a meet.  The test is about thirty (30) minutes long and is open book exam.

Golden Rule of Officiating:  The swimmer is given the benefit of the doubt.

Official Training Video

Official Training Video  (2013)  39:56 minutes

USA Swimming Videos

The Start: Philosophy and Protocol  (2016)  30:36 minutes

Officiating Individual Medley  (2015)  2:34 minutes

Officiating Freestyle  (2015)   2:26 minutes

Officiating Backstroke  (2015)  6:34 minutes

Officiating Butterfly  (2015)   5:46 minutes

Officiating Breaststroke  (2015)  5:31 minutes

Officiating Relays  (2015)   2:01 minutes

USA Swimming Rulebook

2023 USA Swimming Rule Book

These videos are beneficial to officials, coaches, athletes, and parents.